[New 2013] Minecraft IP Resolver v007 - Released!

It has finally been done! The ever-anticipated Minecraft IP Resolver is now publicly FREE and available!
After tons of hard work with developers and experienced hackers, we could finally peace together this Minecraft IP Resolver and release it for YOU at no cost!

 This program features blazing fast Username<->IP Address resolution, with access to hundreds of Minecraft servers that help in resolving a username to its originating IP address.

With this FREE program, you'll be able to get the IP address of any Minecraft player in just a few seconds!

Has a player been annoying you in that virtual world?
Are you jealous that a player has better skills than you do, and you just want to kick him out?
Is that player being such a douchebag that he gets in the way every time you try to achieve something in-game?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then we have the answer!
With this Minecraft IP Resolver, you can get the IP address of that misfortunate player, and maybe perform some of your wild DDoSing feats to kick him out of his network once and for all!

The Minecraft IP Resolver is available to you right now, through this direct link!
No surveys! No catches! It's all FREE!
Just press the Download button below and follow the instructions to receive your instant copy of Minecraft IP Resolver:

Here's a virus scan provided by Virustotal:

Note: 2/46 detection rate is false positive due to obfuscation techniques used to protect against copyright infringement.


Arham Khan said...

What should the password be? In the file when I open it a popup comes up asking for a password.

Jeff Schroeder said...

Lies. "No surveys" To download the password you need a survey. This program is a fake!

Sébastien Lauzon said...

What's the password??

Sébastien Lauzon said...

What's the password??